Compare SR-100

The below comparison chart shows a selection of leading EMF technologies:

When in doubt which EMF technology to purchase take into consideration your lifestyle, your convenience, ease of use, functionality, price, relevant output figures, wave forms and there is only one obvious choice: The SunRiseSunSet SR-100

A Technology Designed For You
There are many excellent EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Therapy devices available to choose from, most giving similar efficacy, however it has only been with the introduction of the groundbreaking SunRiseSunSet SR-100 from Medica Health International Ltd that finally makes this relevant therapy financially and ergonomically available to the masses for individual use, so revolutionizing preventative healthcare and wellness in the home.

Medica Health International Ltd’s team of pioneering engineers have managed to build the ultimate wellness sleep system by developing a breathable thin electro-magnetic therapy blanket to sleep comfortably on, enjoying the healing frequencies delivered at a time pre-programmed by each system owner to suit their lives

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