The History of EMF

A Greek Shepherd called Magnes gave his name to magnetic effects when he first discovered his hobnailed sandals got attached to a magnetised rock on Crete’s, Mount Ida, 5th century BC.
Archimedes reportedly in the 3rd century BC developed a technique to pull nails out of a Roman ships to sink them using very large magnets.

Origins of electromagnetic theory.
The noted scholar Oersted accidentally spotted that his compass needle moved when an electric current was switched on in its radius back in 1820, Faraday discovered magnetic induction, and produced the first electric motor back in 1831, Maxwell [developed electromagnetic theory in 1862-1872 his equations and theorems still in use today whilst Hertz demonstrated that Electro magnetic fields actually existed in 1885.

  1. Pioneers in relating electromagnetic waves with the functions of human body: Galvani [discovered by twitching frog’s leg with current electrical nature of nerves, 1786], Duchenne [first doctor to use electricity to stimulate muscles in paralysed patients 1842], Du Bois Reymod and von Helmholtz [worked on effects of electric and magnetic impulses on the body, established science of electrophysiology], D’arsonval and Tesla developed scientific methods of study, D’arsonva was first to subject people to induced magnetic field, first tried it on himself and fainted; Tesla thought he had developed a cure for tuberculosis when bacilli in the cells died after exposure to short wave strong magnetic fields in the 1880s.
  2. First application of machines generating magnetic waves in medicine: Nagelschmidt developed a diathermia machine in 1900, it generated heat under the skin and melted fat which flowed to other areas giving the illusion of weight loss.
  3. Discovery of electromagnetic nature of brain activity: Prof. Caton in 1876 discovered fluctuations of electric potentials around brain], Berger [Caton finding controversial till Berger first registered electromagnetic activity using skin electrode 1924], Adrian & Matthews built first electroencephalograph 1934.
  4. First magnetic stimulation of nerves: Kolin was the first to stimulate frogs sciatic nerve magnetically in 1954] Maass & Asa did extended experiments to humans 1970s, whilst Barker & Polson & Freeston performed first peripheral nerve stimulation with simultaneous electromyographic recordings in 1976.
  5. First use of Low Frequency Magnetic Fields (LFMF) in treatment of bone fractures: The USA was first to use and approve this therapy in 1979. Survey of 6000 surgeons who used it on non-union & mal-union, complicated fractures and reported success rate of over 80% (20% expected) with no complications and healing times of up to 50% faster (re: Bassett 1983).
  6. Magnetic Therapy: In early 1980s interest in using LFMF in treating other health disorders besides the fractures exploded around the world. Many companies producing machines for Magnetic Therapy in the initial enthusiasm. In spite of many good results in treating many various conditions that usage of Magnetic Therapy decreased over the decade. The main factor was extreme sensitivity of living organism to even very small changes in treatment parameters. This often produced contradictory laboratory results when testing for specific conditions. Getting the settings right for a particular patient proved fiddly, time consuming and often non-transferable to another patient with the same basic condition.
  7. Scanners: The studies relating to the effects produced by the magnetic therapy machines led to investigation of atoms with the uncompensated magnetic spins and their movement in the presence of magnetic field. That assisted the development of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines in the late 1980s. Currently our best non invasive way of looking into the human body.
  8. EMF - Electromagnetic Stimulation:Since 1987 the model of ion cyclotron resonance on tissues became dominant in explaining biological effects produced by changeable magnetic fields. In 1991 Dr. Schneider patented a practical way in which the theory could be put in to the practice. However a lot of technological obstacles had to be overcome before the first machines could be produced. Finally in the year 2000 Viofor JPS was produced. The first machine to successfully combine electromagnetic resonance theory with the more traditional approach used in magnetic therapy machines. The main benefits of the new system were its low induction levels comparable to the earth’s magnetic field strength and the consistency of the results obtained under the laboratory conditions. Now over 10 years later Medica Health International introduces SunRiseSunSet to further revolutionise complementary “home” Healthcare.


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