Client Feedback - Back Pain

Please note the feedbacks given are with permission from actual clients from around the globe after using EMF therapy. The signed copies of each testimonial are available for viewing at our offices in the United Kingdom.

Mrs B D - Co. Wexford - Ireland
My MRI Scans confirmed my worse fears, that I had multiple problems in my lumbar back. Whilst the scans outlined why I was suffering such severe pain, there was little or no medical remedy for my situation. I was finding it almost impossible to walk up a hill and at times I would have little to no movement from the waist down.
After attending my local practitioner in the area of Magnetostimualtion, I decided to purchase the Viofor JPS home system. After using the Viofor JPS System once, walking up a hill was no longer a problem. With continuous use of the System my condition continues to improve. I also find it a great energy booster. Yes I can honestly say that the Viofor JPS system will remain and continue to be part of my life.

Mrs P - Workington, Cumbria
I have been receiving the magnetic bed treatment on my back and shoulders since April due to back problems and arthritis. This has been a lifesaver because prior to my treatment I was walking around as if I was 87 years old not 57 years old. Now I have a spring in my step and can keep up with my grandchildren a lot easier.
I started on twice weekly treatment and gradually widened it from there. I now have treatment every 4 weeks which is fantastic but on two occasions I have had to increase the treatment to 5 weeks and that extra week makes me realise how I use to feel and cannot wait for my next appointment.
If you want your life back again I would highly recommend the magnetic bed. The best thing ever.




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