Client Feedback - Multiple Sclerosis

Please note the feedbacks given are with permission from actual clients from around the globe after using EMF therapy. The signed copies of each testimonial are available for viewing at our offices in the United Kingdom.

Mrs J H - Lancs
I have had M.S. for thirty years and tried many different therapies and so called miracle cures along the way without any real or lasting benefit.
In the middle of 2004 I started to use a Viofor magnetic stimulation bed and have found it to be very beneficial.
After going on the bed I always feel as if I have more energy and oxygen in my body. Additionally it helps with bodily functions, which any one with MS knows is an absolute blessing.
I am suffering from repetitive strain syndrome in my shoulder from wheeling my chair at the moment and intend to go on the bed again to get it sorted out.
This equipment is worthy of recommendation to any one with M.S.

Mrs J - Lancashire
I have had MS for 6 years and have been diagnosed as Primary Progressive.
When I first had Viofor magnetostimulation therapy, I used to have to walk with a stick to get into the clinic.
After 12 months of treatment, I walk in unaided. The treatment is very gentle and I always feel good afterwards.
My levels of fatigue have improved by 70% and my sleeping has also improved.
The increased oxygen helps with leg cramps, always much calmer after treatment. It also helps my low back pain from sitting in a wheel chair.
I now feel like a new person and all of my friends say how well I look.
I would recommend anyone with MS to use this wonderful therapy.

Mrs PB - Lancashire
I have suffered from MS for 26 years and had for many years been getting a lot of pain which affected my quality of life in many ways.
After just 1 month of having two treatments a week on the magnetic stimulation bed my pain had been reduced by around eighty percent and my quality of life has been improved greatly.
I have now been using the beds twice a week for eight months and have continued to get wonderful reduction in pain.
I recommend this equipment to anyone suffering the pain associated with MS wholeheartedly.


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