Client Feedback - Pain Relief

Please note the feedbacks given are with permission from actual clients from around the globe after using EMF therapy. The signed copies of each testimonial are available for viewing at our offices in the United Kingdom.

Mrs PD - East Sussex
I had an accident in my car, which left me with very some serious bruising to my knees, legs and sternum. My neck and upper shoulders were also very painful as a result of the whiplash injury.
As soon as I was released from hospital, with the obligatory pain killers that I never take, I went to my clinic where I have Viofor magnetostimulation equipment for use on my clients.
The pain in all areas subsided after just one treatment, which is no less than I would expect as my clients swear by this therapy (I treat mostly Arthritis and pain reduction achieved is always very good).
My recovery was very much faster than it would otherwise have been, all due to using the Viofor equipment.

Mr I S - Warrington, Cheshire
At the end of November I was returning from a weeks golfing holiday when I ran down an embankment and felt something tear in my calf muscle. This was very painful indeed and I was unable to walk properly, having to adopt a sliding shuffle to get my left leg to move. Sitting in one position on the plane home didn’t help either and if I put too much weight on it or banged it then the pain was excruciating.
The wife of one of my golf partners picked us up from the airport and on seeing my discomfort suggested that a few sessions on the Viofor system would greatly reduce the pain and speed up my body’s own healing abilities. I was a bit dubious at first but agreed to try the treatment.
Karen advised me that the treatment took 6 – 8 hours to reach its full potential and that there could be a slight increase in pain initially, which would decrease over the rest of the day. The night of my first treatment the calf muscle felt like it was tightening, however the morning after it felt a lot looser and much less painful. I still had restricted movement but was able to put one foot in front of the other and walk by taking small steps.
I had the second treatment the day after and the though the muscle still felt tight the constant pain had gone, with just the occasional twinge if I moved it too quickly. Although I was still not walking properly I was now able to climb stairs much better than at first.
The third treatment came two days later, after which I improved greatly with no pain at all. Amazingly I have already played a few rounds of golf and all within just 10 days of my last treatment!

Mr S M - Co. Wexford, Ireland
For about a year and a half I was experiencing a lot of pain in both my knees and in my left heel and ankle. My knees bothered me a lot in bed while my foot pained me mostly after walking especially after playing golf. I changed me golf shoes twice, but no use. One day while playing golf I got to the sixth hole and the heel and ankle was so painful I had to give up and was unable to walk back to the club house.
I heard about Michael’s Electromagnetic treatment and made an appointment. After discussing my condition a programme of treatment was planned. I did two sessions per week for a six week period and one session per week for a another six week period, then two sessions every month. Now I go once a month and will continue until I feel I need the treatment. My condition is about 80% improved since I started last July.
I’m just back from a golf holiday, which I played three times over the week with little discomfort.
My experience of the treatment is this. After a session on the Bed you don’t feel any different until perhaps the following day. Your energy levels improve noticeably and gradually you aches and pains improve. It’s not like taking a pill and you feel better in a few hours. It took time for my joints to deteriorate to the extent they were paining me. Sometimes when I’m out in company and I hear other people complaining about their aches and pains I realise how much I have improved. Its times like that you feel how much good the treatment has done for you.


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