SR-100 Specification

Controller Microprocessor control with bi-phasic drive circuit
Input voltage 19volts DC 3Amps maximum
Power supply 19v 60VA Switch mode. Fully isolated. Class 2 100-240v 50/60Hz. T130C
Rating Continuous
Maximum power input 12VA
Working temperature 10 to 40 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature -15 to 70 degrees Celsius
Maximum operating humidity 80%
Safety Class 2
IP rating IP40
Primary fuse 500mA
Controller casing ABS
Display  Custom LCD with additional LED indicators
Safety Over/under current protection with anti arcing system
Timing Quartz crystal with real time clock and alarm function
Treatment type Magnetic therapy with Quad Heterogeneous Field
Primary frequencies 190.5Hz and 182.5 Hz. Quartz accuracy
Waveform Bi Phasic modified sawtooth
Waveform generation Digital wavetable synthesis with analogue recovery filter
Pulse frequency Treatment specific
Amplitude Treatment specific. 1.8 volts peak to peak maximum (under load)
Treatment Coils 4
Maximum magnetic field per coil 2.5B[ut] mean, 28B[ut] impulse peak
Maximum peak output current 1.7 Amps
Connection of mat to controller ¼ “ Jack
Mat size 170x70cm
Mat construction  480gsm non woven laminated with 350gsm cotton quilt. Ruck proof
Mat finnish Hypo allergenic
Option Heater function (30 Watt max) [USA model only]
Built to   Class 2A ISO13485 Certification


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