The ultimate Wellness Technology:
The SR-100 is the first model from Medica Health International Ltd of a revolutionary new concept of EMF wellness technology aimed for home use.

The wellness benefits to the human body from Low induction Pulsed EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Therapy have been scientifically proven in thousands of small, medium and large scale clinical trials across the globe over the past 20 years. Now this amazing therapy modality is available.

There are a variety of excellent EMF products available on the international market today but without exception they all take time, space and effort to use.  Other EMS systems need you to have them set up on a massage table or on a spare bed and expressly take timeout during your already busy daily routine to do therapy. If space is a premium in your home using your EMF devise on your own bed means unpacking and repacking it after every session. Often these inconveniences mean this wonderful technology goes unused.
SunRiseSunSet is the world’s first system EMF Therapy sleep system.

Plug and Sleep:
Place your SunRiseSunSet directly onto your mattress and cover with your normal comforter-mattress protector and top sheet.  The Hi-Tec coil technology we use is so thin you wont even be aware they are under you as you fall to sleep. As you sleep 2 programs are available, both of which can be programmed at a time of your choice. All run for 20 minutes while you sleep.


DISCLAIMER: Medica Health International Ltd is committed to discovering, designing and introducing leading-edge wellness equipment world-wide. Any and all products offered by Medica Health International Ltd are intended to complement, not replace, the various therapies offered by your own licensed physician or healthcare professional. Our equipment is not intended to diagnose or cure any ailments or afflictions. Product images shown on this site may vary slightly from the actual device due to individual country regulations and our ongoing commitment to quality and R&D.